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Urban Arbor is a highly regarded firm that has decades of industry experience

We are a highly respected team of arborists, specialising in a wide range of tasks that relate to the management of vegetation and foliage. We believe that our wealth of knowledge is unparalleled, which allows us to best meet our clients’ needs. 

Our Primary Function

As a respected North Shore tree service provider, our arborists are focused on the health and safety of vegetation. While we are not directly involved in the physical removal or destruction of vegetation, our role is crucial during the assessment phase. Within this framework, we offer a wide range of solutions for our client base, including:

  • Arborist reports
  • Safety audits
  • Surveys
  • Root investigations
  • Expert witness


An arborist report is a report that establishes the condition of a tree. The report identifies several important characteristics of the vegetation, including: defects, pests or diseases that may have infected the branches.

From this, our North Shore tree service team can include a variety of recommendations that are designed to assist in the development of the vegetation. It could include things like pest and disease treatment strategies or any necessary pruning.

Arborist reports are really important for several reasons. Firstly, local councils will require a report from an arborist to facilitate the removal or pruning of any form of vegetation. Without the report, no action can occur. They are also really important if someone is concerned about the safety of a particular shrub on their property. If you are concerned about any branches or unstable foliage on your property, be sure to get in contact with one of the most reliable North Shore tree service providers for an arborist report. 

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Another key offering we provide is a safety audit. What a safety audit involves is assessing the relative safety of any vegetation on your site. We determine any risks associated with the vegetation, ensuring that it passes a “duty of care.” We use industry standard tools (QTRA & TRAQ) to ensure you are legally protected.


Our surveys are often used on large development sites, so as to guide where the development should occur based on the retention value of the vegetation. Data such as width, height, class and any visible defects are documented.


As one of the best North Shore tree service providers, our team at Urban Arbor also assist in root investigations. A root investigation is essentially where we plan and map out the root network of the vegetation on your property. This is obviously very important if you’re looking into some infrastructure development on your property.


At Urban Arbor, we are also able to act as an expert witness in any relevant court matters. If any court proceedings require an arborist’s opinion, our experienced team are trained in clarifying aspects of the case to a court. 

For anyone requiring a highly professional and effective North Shore tree service provider, be sure to contact us today.

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