Effective Arborists in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

We provide quality tree management and consultation services to our local community.

Whether you need assistance with removing a damaged tree, an impact report to give to your local council, or advice on land development, an arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney can help. 

With over 40 years of combined industry experience and a commitment to client satisfaction, safety and affordability, we are the optimal choice in tree management. Our audits help clients ensure that they are meeting their duty of care with respect to the state of the trees on their property. 

Removing a damaged tree on your own without council approval can lead to project delays, property damage and council fines. Ensure you do it the right way by engaging with an experienced and licenced arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney. 

The Urban Arbor Difference

We believe we stand out from the rest because we have:

40+ years’ experience

With over 40 years of combined experience, you can rest assured in knowing that you are receiving the very best arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney service across all aspects of tree management. Our expertise ensures that we are efficient and thorough. 

Fully qualified consultants

All our staff have at minimum an AQF Level 5 in Arboriculture; this means that our reports are accepted by councils. We are also trained in Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) and Tree Risk Assessment Qualifications (TRAQ) – the two most recognised risk assessment tools in the industry. 

Exceptional customer service

Our friendly team is devoted to treating all of our customers with the highest amount of care and respect. We treat our clients like family, ensuring that quality communication is upheld throughout every step of the journey. 

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Services we provide

We have a range of services on offer for those looking for an arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney. These include:


We are able to conduct a range of reports, including tree reports and impact assessment reports, which are suitable for use with governing authorities such as councils and developers. These provide information about the condition of trees and whether or not they pose a hazard to safety. 


Tree safety audits involve the inspection and assessment of trees on a property in order to determine their risk. This helps create a safer environment for you and your visitors. An arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney can also help reduce the amount of money that is wasted on unnecessary tree work.


A tree survey collects data (such as age, height, species etc.) of all the trees on a site. They are typically required before starting development on a site and can help determine if there are any high value trees which should be considered before starting the design stage.


Root investigations or “root mapping” is the process of assessing the health of a tree’s roots, which are crucial for the structural integrity of the tree. It is typically carried out by an arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney when structures are (or are planned to be) in close proximity to trees.

Expert Witness

We are able to assist you in legal matters where the expertise of an experienced tree doctor is required to clarify elements of your case. Our entire team has experience acting as an expert witness in courtroom settings.

If you need an arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney, feel free to contact us.