Project Arborist is the service whereby we supervise work that is being done around trees. There is often numerous conditions that are set out in the DA approval from council. The purpose is to ensure no detrimental damage occurs to the trees and to provide guidance and advice in relation to construction work around trees.

Certificates will be required at various stages by the certifying authority and possible remediation guidance at completion.

Do I need a Project Arborist?

If there are trees on your site or adjoining your site there may be conditions in the DA that request the services of a Project Arborist during construction. It may be trees on adjoining properties that require protection and the involvement of a project arborist.

If an Impact Assessment Report has been done on the site, it may have “hold points” set out that need to be adhered to during construction. These hold points are critical and typically require the services of a project arborist. A certificate may need to be issued at each of the hold points.

Why is a Project Arborist Important?

The services of a Project Arborist will assist in ensuring that the various trades working around the trees to be retained do so without detrimental impact on the trees. Too often without intentions trees can easily get damaged beyond repair and may need to be removed. This is not an outcome you want where you wish to retain trees or the design has been such as to feature a specific tree.

If trees do get damaged this can result in fines and breaches of the DA which can cause delays and additional costs.

Who can be a Project Arborist?

Typically the DA Conditions will set out the minimum qualification required by the Project Arborist. In most cases this will be AQF Level 5 Qualifications which all of our consultants have. In addition our consultants have worked for both private and government agencies and are therefore very familiar with the information required. They also have extensive experience with trees on development sites and are able to provide sound advice and guidance where required.

Should you require the services of a Project Arborist please contact our office or fill in the inquiry form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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