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Here at Urban Arbor, we are a team of passionate consultants that love to share our knowledge and skills to assist our clients living in Northern NSW and Southern Queensland to best manage their trees. We specialise in advisory, consulting and reporting services in all matters relating to trees. From small scale development reports or single tree risk reports, to large scale tree surveys or infrastructure project report.

We work closely with architects, developers, civil contractors, construction companies, golf courses, schools and government agencies, providing the stakeholders with the necessary advice, report or tools for their project.

Arborist Reports and Tree Reports Northern Rivers NSW and South East Queensland

Our AQF Level 5 qualified arborists are able to provide you with accurate reports to not only meet your requirements, but also comply with all council and legislative requirements. With a proven track record in assisting our clients we provide the following reports;

Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report

These reports are typically required where proposed development works have the potential to impact trees. Most councils in Northern NSW and Southern Queensland require these types of reports as part of the Development Application. This type of reports assess the impact of the proposed development works on all trees within 10m of proposed works, including trees on adjoining sites. These reports provide recommendations in relation to tree sensitive construction methods and/or design modifications to ensure that the development meets AS4970-2009 ‘Protection of Trees on Development Sites’ and avoids costly project delays.

Preliminary Arboricultural Development Report

These types of reports are produced prior to any development design. The information within these reports help guide the design, and can avoid costly redesigns and/or project delays. Some of the information contained in these reports include;

Where trees are within 10m of proposed development works, early engagement with a consulting arborist and obtaining a preliminary arboricultural impact assessment report can be key to an efficient and successful outcome for the project.

Detailed Risk Assessment Report

Where the safety of a tree is of concern, our Level 5 Arborist can carry out a detailed assessment of the tree to identify any potential defects and provide a detailed report. Using industry recognised risk assessment tools, the risk associated with the identified defects is assessed, and mitigation options provided for future management of the tree. Our arborist have qualifications in the following industry recognised risk assessment tools;

Root Investigation Report

These types of reports in simple terms assess if significant roots (typically 30mm or larger in diameter) are located in the area where development works are proposed, or where roots may be in conflict with existing structures. Investigations usually involve digging a trench to expose any potential significant roots using a non-destructive method such as manual excavations or using a vacuum method to extract the soil around the roots. Ground Penetrating Radar can be utilised, where excavations may not be possible. These types of reports are typically produced for two reasons;

1. Development Purposes

To determine if proposed development works within close proximity to a tree will impact the stability and/or condition of a tree. If significant roots are exposed, design changes and/or tree sensitive construction methods may be required

2. To Determine if Roots are Causing Damage

Where damage to a structure (such as cracking in a building) is present, it may be required to investigate if roots are in contact with the structure and contributing to the damage. The root investigations are then utilised to produce a tree root damage report.

Tree Root Damage Report

These reports utilise the information from the root investigations to determine if the tree is causing or contributing to the damage. These types of reports typically require the involvement of a structural engineer in combination with an arborist. When claiming damage from tree roots, it must be demonstrated that the roots are in direct contact with the structure and are causing the damage. Where roots are found to be causing or contributing to the damage, options to mitigate the damage need to be investigate. Removal of the tree is the obvious one, however, there may be other options and depending on the size of the tree, the council may not permit the removal of the tree.

Tree Safety Audit Report

These types of reports are typically carried out for schools or larger sites, with large tree stock numbers. The trees at the site are assessed using a Level 1 – Basic Tree Assessment, to identify trees of an unacceptable risk and mitigation recommendations are provided for the identified trees. The mitigation recommendations are provided in order of priority to reduce the risk. Additionally, the trees are identified on an aerial map. The trees may be tagged for ease of identification for site personnel and tree work contractors.

An alternative to these reports, is to have a complete tree management program for the site. See Tree Management Plan for more information.

Tree Management Plan Northern Rivers NSW and South East Queensland

Our tree management program provides the tools and information to manage your tree stock in a proactive and structured approach with the help of our dedicated consultants. Our AQF Level 5 Arborists are qualified in various industry recognised risk assessment tools including TRAQ and QTRA. We have been assisting schools, hospitals, golf courses and universities.

All the trees at the site are tagged and details recorded directly into a web-based database with login details. Each tree is risk assessed and mitigation recommendations are provided for trees of a moderate risk or higher with an estimated cost of works. All inspection records and work records are logged, providing historical records for each tree. The platform is very user friendly and information can be extracted and reported on as required.

Annual inspections are carried out and tree details updated. A detailed report is provided following the initial audit and each annual audit. Additional, intermittent reports are provided six months after the audit. Mitigation recommendation are provided for all moderate risk and higher trees, showing where and how risk associated with the trees can be reduced.

Why Urban Arbor?

Our team of consultants has in excess of 40 years industry experience covering all sectors from residential to commercial and local government. All our consulting arborists have minimum AQF Level 5 qualifications, ensuring all of our reports and advice meet the requirements of the councils.

We are passionate about the work we do and thrive on providing our clients with outstanding service and quality of work. If you have a project or tree related problem, why not get in touch and see how we can help you. We now have a dedicated consultant servicing the area of Northern NSW and Southern Queensland.

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