An arboricultural expert witness is to provide independent expert advice where evidence is required in relation to a court case. This is referred to as ‘expert opinion’.

Do I need an arboricultural expert witness?

If you have a case that relates to trees and could go to court, it is best if you have the representation of an expert witness in that field. You may also choose to have legal representation but an expert witness will be of significant value.

Why is an Expert Witness important?

An expert witness can assist in creating clarity around complex topics in their field which can speed up the decision making of the courts in relation to your case. In essence, they can save you time, money and frustration.

In court, expert witnesses work in collaboration with each other to meet the requirements of the court.

Who can be an expert witness?

It is important that when engaging an expert witness that they have experience in acting as an expert witness. Appropriate qualifications and industry experience play an important role, as they are many complex topics within our field.

At Urban Arbor we have team of highly experienced staff that have experience in the role of expert witness. This in conjunction with their industry experience means we can provide you with the appropriate skills and guidance to assist with your case.

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