Professional Arborist in Sydney’s Inner West

We provide highly detailed consultancy on all aspects of tree management

We are a dedicated team of fully qualified tree doctors with extensive experience in both private and government development sectors. Our experts have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, allowing them to deliver the most effective possible consultancy in all areas of tree management.

Using our training and experience, we are able to successfully diagnose any health issues with a tree and/or assess its safety. This is often necessary with regards to individual trees or for multiple trees on sites like golf courses and school areas.

Our tree audits allow our clients peace of mind as they enable them to meet their duty of care with regards to the trees on their property. The early involvement of our services also helps our clients to avoid tree related delays on development projects.

arborist sydney inner west

Comprehensive Tree Management Services

We are able to provide you with an arborist in Sydney’s Inner West who can perform any of the following services:


Our tree reports are used to assess the general condition of a tree. Our AQF Level 5 tree doctors are able to quickly identify any damage, defects, disease, mechanical injury or pest infestation in a tree. The report will include detailed recommendations on how to address any issues with the tree or advice regarding pruning or removal.


Our tree safety audits allow our clients to meet their duty of care with regards to the trees on their site. Using industry standard tools (QTRA & TRAQ), one of our arborists in Sydney’s inner west is able to determine any safety risks associated with a tree. Our services can help make sure you are legally protected in the event of an incident and most importantly reduce the chance of one happening in the first place.


Our tree surveys can be used to catalogue all of the tree stock on a site by recording data such as height, width, age class, visible defects and more. They are normally required by relevant authorities prior to development planning and also help to identify any high value trees that may need to be factored into said planning.


We can provide you with an expert arborist in Sydney’s Inner West who is able to both investigate and map the root systems of trees on your site. For obvious reasons, understanding the root system of a tree is essential when planning developments around it.


One of our arborists in Sydney’s Inner West is able to join your development as a supervisor for the work being done around trees. Their role is to ensure that your project meets the conditions as set your in your development application in relation to the existing local trees.