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Why Engage a Qualified Level 5 Arborist

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The Importance of Hiring a AQF Level 5 Arborist

You are probably wondering why you should pay for a level 5 arborist where are plenty of tree loppers around that can do the job cheaper and faster.  Hiring an arborist which should be done with care. Proper tree care is an investment. Done well, trees can add considerable value to your property, and create an attractive setting.  Done poorly, trees can become a considerable liability.


Don’t just choose the cheapest tree lopper!

There are plenty of cowboys around, door-knocking for opportunity, ready to ram through your property, trample your garden beds, and cut down that annoying branch for the cheapest price around.  You are left with more mess, sometimes repair costs, and often can be in breach of council regulations.

There have been plenty of these tree scammers headlined on news programmes like A Current Affair.  They often target sick or elderly people. Make sure you do your homework, and get someone reputable. Although the price they offer is tempting, the headaches they can cause are just not worth it.  Regrettably, these cheaper tree loppers, often calling themselves arborists, have little to no training and therefore carry out poor work.

Always use AQf5 Arborist for Advise!

For all advice on trees, it is important to talk with an AQF Level 5 (Australian Qualified Framework) Arborist.  Arborists have this qualification and can give you the facts straight in terms of council regulations and health and safety of your trees.  It also gives you the piece of mind that their recommendations will be accepted by council if a report is required. (Only AQF5 Arborist reports are accepted by council).

For all follow up tree pruning or tree removal, make sure they have a minimum AQF Level 3

always use a qualified level 5 arborist for any tree reports or risk assessment work

NSW Recommendations for Arborist Work :

Did you know, WorkCover NSW recommends that for ground tree work and all tree climbing work, at least one person should have a Certificate II in Horticulture (Arboriculture) – AQF Level 2. Also, all tree climbing work should be directly supervised by a person with AQF Level 3 or higher.  This recommendation is based in accordance with the Australian Standards.

Make sure you check insurances for the person you hire to carry out your tree pruning or removal.  Anyone you hire should hold a current workers compensation policy for their employees and also a public liability policy.  These policies protect YOU in case of damage caused to you, or your neighbours property, or injury that occurs during the work

Always use a qualified level 5 arborist for any tree reports or risk assessment work