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Tree Inventory Surveys: Enhancing Tree Management and Development Planning

At Urban Arbor, we understand the importance of knowing what tree species are located at a particular site. That’s why we offer an extensive Tree Inventory Surveys, which is collection of all the trees and their details. These tree inventory surveys are beneficial for any site with a large tree stock, such golf courses, school campuses, parks, or other urban areas under development.

Our tree inventory survey is a detailed report that records a complete inventory of every tree found in a specific location. It will include information such as species, age class, retention value, visible defect, general condition and much more, to give you complete overview of the trees.

We’ll compile this essential data in a simple and clear table format filled with lots of helpful facts about your trees. This helps you make informed decisions about the proper management of the trees, or for the purposes of development.

Experience Urban Arbor – the perfect blend of professional expertise and passion for nature’s green wonders. Because knowledge and understanding trees is key to receiving accurate information.

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The Need for a Tree Inventory Survey

If you are considering developing a parcel of land with a significant number of trees, it is highly likely that the local planning authority will require a detailed tree inventory survey. This survey serves as an essential tool during the planning and design stages, outlining any significant and high-value trees that need to be taken into consideration. By identifying these trees early in the process, you can ensure their proper integration into the development plans.

For large landholders such as golf courses, schools, or retirement villages, a tree inventory survey provides a comprehensive list of all the trees on the site. This report is invaluable for effective tree management and serves as a valuable resource for future planning and development endeavours’ on the site.

The Importance of Tree Inventory Surveys

Tree inventory surveys play a crucial role in the development design stage, as they offer guidance on the positioning of proposed developments based on the retention value of existing trees. By utilising the information obtained from the survey, developers and planners can make informed decisions regarding the layout and design of the project while considering the preservation of valuable trees. This proactive approach can significantly contribute to the sustainability and aesthetics of the final development.

One of the key benefits of obtaining a tree inventory survey early in the planning process is that it can help prevent potential redesigns due to the rejection of proposed plans by the local council. By incorporating the survey findings into the initial design, developers can avoid costly modifications later. This early consideration of trees in the development process saves significant time and money, streamlining the overall project timeline.

Furthermore, tree inventory surveys provide a baseline assessment of the tree stock on the site. They help identify any significant or high-value trees that may require special attention or preservation measures. The survey can also highlight trees that need specific maintenance work and provide an overview of the general condition of the tree stock. This valuable information allows for the effective allocation of budgets and resources to address necessary tree care and management, ensuring the health and longevity of the trees on the site.

Conducting a Tree Inventory Survey

To ensure accurate and reliable tree inventory surveys, it is imperative to have them conducted by appropriately qualified arborists. In most cases, local planning authorities stipulate minimum qualification requirements, often mandating an AQF Level 5 Arborist qualification. Additionally, it is recommended that arborists conducting the tree inventory survey possess additional industry training in tree risk assessments, especially when the survey results will be used to manage the required work on the trees.

Why Choose Urban Arbor for Your Tree Inventory Survey?

At Urban Arbor, we understand the importance of accurate data collection when conducting arboricultural surveys. Our team of consulting arborists possesses the minimum AQF Level 5 qualifications required for tree inventory surveys, ensuring their expertise in conducting comprehensive assessments.

To further enhance their capabilities, our consultants have undergone specialised training in risk assessment, including methodologies such as QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment) and TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification). This combination of qualifications and expertise enables us to provide our clients with the most accurate and reliable tree inventory surveys possible.

We also recognise the significance of employing the latest technology and tools to ensure precise data collection. Our consulting arborists utilise cutting-edge techniques, including Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, to capture detailed information about the trees located on the site.

By choosing Urban Arbor for your tree inventory survey, you can expect exceptional service and reliable results. Our team is committed to delivering the highest standard of professionalism and expertise in all our arboricultural services. We understand the complexities of tree management and development planning, and we strive to provide comprehensive solutions that align with your specific needs and goals.

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If you require a tree inventory survey for your project or site, trust the expertise of Urban Arbor. Our team of qualified consulting arborists is ready to assist you in obtaining accurate and valuable information about the trees on your property. Whether you are a developer, a golf course manager, a school administrator, or a landowner, our tree inventory survey services can provide the essential data you need for effective tree management and successful development planning.

To learn more about our tree inventory survey services or to discuss your project requirements, speak to the experts at Urban Arbor today. We provide comprehensive and reliable tree inventory surveys that will enhance your tree management efforts and contribute to the success of your development projects.

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