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Tree Health Shortcuts Accomplished the Easy Way

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Trees are vitally important for the planet’s continued health. When properly taken care of, they can be expected to live a long and healthy life. They provide shelter for animals, oxygen, and a means of holding the soil together and keeping it fertile. Helping keep trees in great condition is not as difficult as you might imagine.
Here are some tips on how to help keep your trees safe. We are also willing to bet there are a few things that you did not know and will find useful.


Tree Health Shortcuts

  • Never park close to a tree, and here is why.  The soil around a tree can become compacted.  While the compacting may take several years, the final results is that it is harder for the soil to absorb water.  Roots ultimately receive far less water.  not compacting the soil refers to anything that can be left idle, such as machinery.  if you are having landscaping done on a regular business, you may want to ask your contractor to keep vehicles and machinery at a safe distance from your trees.
  • Never over fertilise or fertilise too little.  it is far better to err on the side of caution.  In some instances, it would be fertilising too much. Older mature trees may not need fertiliser.  Trees more than a couple of years old are able to get all the nutrients needed from the soil. Their roots have dug down deep.
  • Mulch often.  You should always take time to spread mulch around your trees on a regular basis.  It does not take long, and it can help keep moisture in the soil and prevent weeds from growing.  Mulch comes in a number of forms, including dried leaves, wood chips, pine needles, or even straw or grass.
  • Water trees with care.  Of course, different types of trees will require different levels of watering.  It is not a bad idea to choose to plant trees that are native to your area.  Such trees can usually hold their own regardless of the climate.  If they are thriving it is for a reason.  Many homeowners make the mistake of overwatering their trees with sprinklers, and quite often, during the wrong time of day.  The best time to water trees is early morning.  This is why you can find dew on flowers and trees at a specific time each morning. It is nature’s built-in sprinkler system.Too much water can kill a tree.
  • Keep watch over your trees. If they look abnormal, in the least, they could be suffering from disease or insect infestation.  Dying leaves, dead leaves, or discoloured leaves could be a sign your trees need professional attention and care.  If you have spent anytime looking at the beauty of your trees, it should not be too hard to tell the difference.
  • Trees do not need us to grow.  In reality, they have done an amazing job of taking care of themselves.   Of course, that is not to say that they do not need professional help on occasion.  Pruning should be attempted only by professionals.  Trees, other than removing dead, dying, or diseased branches, do fairly well on their own.