High Quality Tree Services in the Northern Beaches

Our experienced team specialises in vegetation management

We are a dedicated firm with over 40 years of combined industry experience in the field. Because of this, we are able to offer insightful consultancy for our client base, ensuring their needs and expectations are met. 

Our work ensures that our clients are legally secured and protected should they wish to modify any major piece of vegetation on their property. As a reliable arborist in the Northern Beaches, we pride ourselves on our work, particularly in terms of individual safety and the development of infrastructure projects. 

tree service


Our team is able to assist you in a wide range of areas. We are directly involved in the assessment phase of vegetation management. We are involved in upholding the health and safety of any shrubs or vegetation on your property. As an arborist in the Northern Beaches, here are some of the activities we offer clients: 

  • Safety audits
  • Official reports
  • Root investigations
  • Surveys
  • Expert witness

safety audits

Our team are well-equipped in handling safety audits. This is a relatively simple process of assessing the safety of any vegetation on your worksite or personal property. We will discern if the natural elements pose any risks or if the vegetation is threatened in any way. Organising a safety audit means you are fulfilling your duty of care as a landowner – most landowners shirk their responsibilities, mainly because they are unaware of their obligations. During this process, our arborist in the Northern Beaches will utilise industry standard tools (QTRA & TRAQ) to carry out all necessary tasks.


This report analyses the overall condition of the vegetation. It will examine several key important characteristics of the subject like age, existing defects or any diseases that have infected the sapling or branches. In our report, we outline any recommendations that will assist the vegetation and surrounding landforms. We will likely suggest disease treatment tips or pruning methods that will counteract the problem. The council will often require a report from a local arborist in the Northern Beaches before any action can take place. Therefore, such reports are often crucial.


Our team are also qualified in root investigations. This is where we study and map out your vegetation’s root network. If you’re looking at infrastructure development on your property, like a new driveway, then knowing where the roots are is quite important.


We also offer surveys as part of our tree services in the Northern Beaches. This is to guide where any development should take place, while taking into consideration the value of the vegetation and nearby sapling. 

expert witness

Finally, our firm is also able to assist with any relevant court matters you may have. Sometimes, the court will require the expert opinion of a specialist to help clarify aspects of a case. Our team is experienced in appearing in court under these circumstances.

If you are in need of vegetation management assistance, contact us today.