Tree Surveys

A Tree Survey is the collection of data of all tree stock on a site. It is typically recorded in a tabulated format and includes information such as species, height, width, general conditions, age class, retention value, visible defects, TPZ’s and SRZ’s, etc. These survey’s are usually carried out for large land owners or for development purposes.

A Tree Surveys is generally required prior to development planning to identify all the trees on the site.  It will also determine what significant / high value trees if any are present that may need to be considered during the design stage.

The location of trees are identified from the original survey which is usually carried out by registered surveyor. Any trees on adjoining properties that may be affected by the development need to be included.

Do I need a Tree Survey?

If you have trees on the site and are planning to develop the site you will require a tree survey as part of the DA process.

If you have a large site with a large tree population a tree survey is a way to get quality data on the trees.


Why are Tree Surveys Important?

The information in a tree survey can be used as a guide during the development design stage to establish where the proposed development should be positioned based on the retention values of the trees.

Obtaining a Tree Survey early on and using the information in your planning can save possible re-designs due to council rejecting proposed plans. This in turn can save a lot of time and money.

Tree Surveys also give a baseline of the tree stock and identifies any significant or high value trees. It may highlight trees which may require work as well the general condition of the tree stock. This information can be used to guide how budgets are best allocated to required tree works.


Who can carry out a Tree Surveys?

Tree Surveys need to be carried out by an appropriately qualified arborist with significant knowledge in tree species and condition assessment. At Urban Arbor all Tree Surveys are conducted by our AQF Level 5 Arborists.

Where there is no survey by registered survey we have surveying devices that allows us to accurately locate and plot the trees on the site.

Should you require a Tree Survey contact our office for further details or send us an email and one of our consultants will contact you.


Why You Should Use Urban Arbor For your Arboricultural Survey?

At Urban Arbor, we pride ourselves on the accuracy and speed of our arboricultural surveys. We know that it’s important that any arboricultural survey carried out, accurately captures the information of the trees located on the site. Our consulting arborits use the latest technology and tools available including GIS to capture this information. This ensures that you receive accurate information with the highest attention to detail that will meet the legal requirement.

If you require a tree survey for your project or site, contact the experts at Urban Arbor!